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Australia is recognized for the high level of education we provide. Overseas students have long been part of the Australian education system, studying courses from primary school to Master and Doctorate studies.

The number of student visa options can make the selection process difficult. MMSA are here to assist you.

The Australian Government operates an overseas student program (OSP) that allows people who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents to study in Australia. Anyone who is not an Australian resident may apply to study in Australia under OSP. If you want to study under this program, you must obtain a student visa before you can commence a course of study in Australia.

You can be granted a student visa only if you wish to undertake a registered course or part of a registered course on a full-time basis. A registered course is an education or training course offered by an Australian education provider who is registered with the Australian Government to offer courses to overseas students.

Student visas are granted when a student applicant can prove that they have adequate funds to support themselves and dependent family members, they are of good health and are of good character without a criminal record. The applicant’s English skills must be of a level to participate and understand the selected course. If the applicant’s English skills are not of the required level, the applicant will be encouraged to enroll in the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS).

MMSA are here to assist you with your student visa application. MMSA can further assist overseas students who are Australian graduates to apply for permanent residency. Complete our ONLINE ASSESSMENT FORM or contact us.


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