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The focus of the General Skilled Migration program in Australia is to encourage migrants to Australia who are able to contribute to the Australian economy by using their valuable skills and knowledge.

The "skilled streams" outlined below is an indication of the variety and flexibility of this visa group. Let MMSA do your assessment for you."

This category applies to applicants selected on the basis of their age, education qualifications, skills, English language ability and work experience. Your qualifications and skills must be listed on the skilled occupation list. Applicants must pass a prescribed points test and satisfy other basic requirements.

Participating States or Territories list occupations where there is a shortage of skilled people to fill positions. The prerequisites are the same for Independent Skilled Migration except the total points required is lower.

The requirements for this category are the same as Independent Skilled Migration except that additional points are available if you have a family member who already resides in Australia and is prepared to sponsor you and you have an assurer.

The requirements for this category are the same as Australian Sponsored Skilled Migration except the points test doesn’t apply. Under this category the Australian Government is seeking skilled migrants to settle in certain regions of Australia.

It is important to point out that this is not a complete list of all visa categories available under Skilled Migration. Other categories exist to cater for overseas students who have been studying in Australia and for New Zealand citizens.

It is important to get your application complete and correct the first time. Failure to comply with requirements and errors can delay your application or even worse, result in cancellation of your application.

Let us find the most suitable match for you. Complete our ONLINE ASSESSMENT FORM or email us and let us assist you in this leg of your exciting journey.


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