Pete Cuenca and Family

Subclass 176 - Skilled Independent

DATE OF APPROVAL: 17 February, 2011

It’s been my dream of living in a foreign land. My first big step in fulfilling this dream was when I got the information from my college friend, Libay, that Ramir, another friend from college, has been in Australia since we graduated.

One day, when Ramir took a vacation in Lucena City, I was able to talk to him on this and he referred me to McNally Migration Solutions. The rest was history.

My wife and I lodged our application on September 2008. That was the time when global crisis was about to begin. There were uncertainty then on whether our application will be approved or otherwise. However, I told my wife that I had entrusted my fate on Ms. Estelle McNally’s expertise. I can’t do anything during that difficult situation but to rely on her professionalism and sincerity to serve.

Indeed, I was not mistaken by trusting Ms. Estelle. Our visa was released on February 17, 2011. Thank you Ms. Estelle for all the patience and assistance in making our dream a reality.