22 June 2010


Dear Estelle,

Good day!

This is to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and the rest of your staff for the part you played in making our long-time dream to migrate to Australia a reality.

All we could remember of you is your generosity and professionalism as you have extended no less than the prompt and professional assistance as well as gave us timely and very relevant advice ever since we have acquired your services. The past year had been a very challenging time for visa applicants like me as there had been lots of changes in migration policies from time to time. By facilitating the online lodgement of our application for a GSM subclass 475 (Skilled Regional Sponsored) visa, you have helped in enabling us to monitor the status of our application in real time.

Also quite critical to our recent success was the timely lodgement of our application, which would have not been possible if not for you. We finally have been granted the golden ticket!!!!

Yes, such had been possible because you have helped us. Since we have been able to lodge our application early enough (because of you), we were able to avail of the priority processing being accorded to state-sponsored applications before the September 2009 announcement. Thus, we became part of the 3,500 state-sponsored, non-CSL applications allocated with case officers and already with PCCs and medicals which were prioritized for processing early this year. And, thus, we belong to the few lucky ones who were given the visa before the start of the new fiscal year this July 1.

Really, we couldn’t thank you enough for all the pieces of advice and the valuable help you gave us. Getting the visa is not just another bit of news for me and my family but is a great opportunity to improve our quality of living and to have a more balanced family and work life in what they call as the “Lucky Country.”

For all that you have done for us and for others as well, you truly deserve not only the recognition and admiration but also all the luck the world could give and, more importantly, God’s blessings.

We wish you all the best and may you continue to help others fulfil their dreams.



Tomas and Nita